Coronavirus - Covid-19

Latest Update

We are now accepting full tee time bookings from individuals with up to 4-ball bookings.

Please note that buggies are restricted for single use unless you are from the same household.

We do ask that you take note of the following changes, processes and procedures during this first phase of reopening as well as the changes due in the coming weeks as we attempt to establish a new normal.

Most importantly, please do not come to the site if you have had any symptoms of Covid-19 within the last 14 days, or have come into contact with someone that has either.

If we feel that an individual is displaying signs or is considered a risk we may ask you to return home, this is critical for everyone’s safety and wellbeing.

No other areas or services will operate other than noted below, this includes the Hotel and Health Club which remain closed to the public.

On a not so positive note, we had a break-in recently that caused considerable damage to the Pro Shop and Reception entrances, some of which are inaccessible until we are able to get these repaired, which will be completed as soon as possible.

Tee time bookings (Book online)

Must be booked via IntelligentGolf on your profile, if booking a tee time with a another person (member or non-) please ensure you include them, otherwise play may not be allowed.

Those who are unable to book online, which should only be due to expiry of membership during the lockdown, should call the main number on 01844 278300 (option 0) where the front desk will book you in.

Please note the phones are currently operated weekdays 09.00 – 16.00.

If your membership expired prior to the lockdown and you wish to renew/re-join please email us on

Do not just turn up for a tee time, you must follow the procedures above please.

Clubhouse facilities

The toilets in the clubhouse will be accessible on the ground floor adjacent to the Spike Bar.

Ladies access from the Pro Shop entrance through the main building and Men’s via the course side entrance adjacent to the Spike Bar only.

Lockers, changing rooms and showers will be closed.

All food and beverage outlets will be closed.

Pro Shop

The shop will be used for check-in purposes and purchase of essential items only. (i.e. balls, tees, snacks etc.)

Hardware, shoes and clothing purchases will not be allowed at this point in time to reduce any dwelling time.

Please do not stay in the shop longer than to get your scorecard, essentials and check-in.

No more than 4 people in the shop at any one time. Please note the distance lines on the floor, and queue towards the left when entering the door.

The doors will remain open to avoid any unnecessary contact with surfaces during this initial period.

Buggies and trolleys will be made available, again these will be sanitised daily and are for single use only – they may not be shared. (Buggy rates will reflect this)


The venue will now operate a cashless policy in all areas.

All payments must be made by debit or credit card, or any other accepted electronic method where applicable.

Driving range

The driving range will be accessible.

Tokens will be available from the Pro Shop, sanitised daily (or Reception on days where the Pro Shop is closed).

Baskets will be provided from the Pro Shop, sanitised daily.

Range balls will be cleaned as normal, so please exercise caution when handling them.

Bag store & Lockers

If you still have your bags in store on site, you may access them from the usual external entrance door.

We ask that you remove your bags/trolleys and take them home with you as we do not intend to operate this area during the initial period. Bags must be removed by Friday 15th May.

No more than 4 people allowed in this area at all times, once again observe a safe distance.

Lockers will not be accessible.

Access via the changing rooms will not be permitted.

Course etiquette & set up

Teeing off - do not proceed to the tee until the group ahead of you have clearly left the tee.

Rakes have been removed therefore please smooth over bunkers as best as possible with your foot or club after use.

Do not touch or remove the flag.

Cups will be fitted in such a way to minimise contact.

Ball washers are out of use.

Practice areas are open - please make use of both practice greens near the clubhouse. Do not overcrowd these areas and observe safe space.

Do not make use of the tables, chairs of furnishings around the clubhouse.

Social distancing

Please observe safe distancing at all times, this is for your own wellbeing and safety. Please do consider others around you, especially when indoors.

Do not share clubs or any other equipment.

Course condition

Work has continued during the shutdown, however with a significantly reduced team.

The critical areas of play have been maintained and are operating in line with expectations for the time of year and in line with the allowed essential work as dictated by the governing bodies. This will mean that bunkers and walk-off areas have not been repaired or maintained during this period however will now be allowed to as part of the ongoing programme.

Leather jackets continue to be an issue, there will be some areas with notable damage on the beginning of the 6th fairway, 17th fairway and some thinning on several others. Some greens have been affected, worst affected is the 16th.

The grounds team will continue with more aeration work over the coming weeks and months, therefore please be prepared for coring of greens, verti-draining of the fairways and so-forth.

You may find that the fairways are drier than usual, this is part of trials to combat the above issue whilst we continue to look at all options that affect the habitat of the pests.

Competitions, Medals & Matches

All have been suspended until further notice.


The staff will be issued with masks and gloves when operating in areas where there is a higher degree of risk.

These include, but are not limited to;

• Point of sales areas (Pro Shop desk, Reception, Starters hut)

• Providing buggies and trolleys

• Any face to face interaction

Please do not take offence where staff are wearing this when interacting with you, we are protecting our staff and you at the same time.

Perspex protective screens will be introduced to all above point of sales areas shortly too.

We are not issuing any PPE to members or customers, however would advise you to take all necessary precautions to protect yourselves as well.

Loss of play

For those whose membership was still active from the 23rd March onwards, the following will apply;

Full Members - a period of 7 weeks will be used to calculate your reduced renewal fee, a value will be calculated and form part of a reduced charge.

Flexi Members - a period of up to 7 weeks validity will be added onto your membership to use your credit (no credit will be added). If your membership expired during the lockdown period, the time between your expiry date and the lockdown date will be added to your validity.

For members who wish to change category, or if any of the above does not apply to you and you wish to discuss your options please email us on

Please note the above changes will take several days to implement across the entire membership once we re-open the business. Please do bear with us if you have been affected and if you are unable to book online, do call us on the number stated earlier in this email.

Gift vouchers

Any gift vouchers due to expire between March 23rd and May 10th will have its validity extended until the end of 2021. Further extensions may follow, pending updates to Government policy.

Spa Membership

Customers with an annual spa membership will have any period lost in 2020 added to their current membership validity.

I hope we have clarified most of the key points. We will continue to improve our operation in line with the guidance to make the environment as hospitable as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you back.

Kind regards

Ryan Bezuidenhout

General Manager